Top Tip #1

"How Big is Your Haystack... How Well Hidden is Your Needle?"

If you are currently using the same password for all your accounts and they are as simple as 'p4ssword' or '1234' (you know who you are), then this may help. Think of a word or phrase that you will always remember as well as a number (doesn't matter if this is someone's D.o.B. as you'll see below).

Using your word/phrase, start with a Capital Letter, replace 'i' with '!' and 'a' with '@'. Then add '%' followed by a capital letter of the website/email that this password is being used for. After this add the number.

For example, if your word is 'Singapore' and your number is '50', then your 'Hotmail' account password would be 'S!ng@pore%H50'

Using this simple system you can remember UNIQUE and complex passwords (in this case 13 digits) that contain upper/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

If you are interested in the technical analysis of the password example above then the Search Space Count is just short of 52 with 24 zeros. To put that into perspective; if you made one thousand guesses per second then it would take 16.5 trillion centuries to exhaust all possibilities.

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